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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Quantum technology exploit the physical phenomenon of atomic and subatomic particles for exhibiting the remarkable potential to enhance sensing, computation, simulation, and communication capabilities. The foundations for the "Quantum world" were laid, when Dr. Richard Feynmann (in 1981) introduced the idea of using a Quantum Computer to simulate quantum mechanical phenomena.

C-DAC has developed a Quantum Computing simulator Qsim capable of simulating the quantum gate model. We are also working on the development of quantum communication and post-quantum cryptography algorithms and quantum sensors. In order to adopt a focused approach targeting early deliverables, collaborations with end users, stakeholders, academia, and co-development with industry, C-DAC has crafted its 1000 days plan for Quantum Computing and Communication areas.

The quantum activities are pursued in a collaborative mode with industry and academia. We are working towards an expansion of current activities by orienting them to identified use cases in Defense, Government, and Industry. Further, addition of prospective quantum activities is pursued in line with the National Mission on Quantum Technology and to place India's Quantum Technology Potential on a global scale.

Quantum Computing & Simulations

Playing with qubits...

Quantum Cryptography

Transitioning from computational security to information-theoretic security...

Post Quantum Cryptography

Providing data security in the quantum Era...

Quantum Metrology and Sensing

Exploring quantum correlations to go beyond classical limits...